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Windsurfing, Surfing and Body boarding in the Canary Islands

Surf conditions in certain parts of all the Canary Islands attract many local surfers, tourists and professional surfers. Whilst there is space for everyone to surf from beginners to experts, international windsurfers are attracted by wind and sea conditions that make it possible to surf throughout the year.
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Pozo Izquierdo, in Gran Canaria, is the centre for the World PWA Windsurfing Championships and known as the second most important windsurfing site after Hawaii, and, as a result, these Championships held during the summer each year draw world class competitors. Pozo Izquierdo is one of the windiest places in the world and is perfect for surfing, jumps and aerial acrobatics, and local windsurfers often achieve success in competitions. There is also a windsurf centre at Pozo Izquierdo that offers cheap accommodation next to the windsurfing beach, which is the only specialist centre in the Canary Islands, and the first such centre in Spain.
Windsurfing is also popular in Fuerteventura with the summer months giving the best wind conditions for speed and the winter months offering good waves. Windsurfing schools offer tuition for those who are beginners and extending the skills of those more experienced and usually based in tourist centres.
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Lanzarote also offers great opportunities for windsurfing due to the constant wind and sea conditions and windsurfing lessons are available at most tourist centres, as well as board hiring facilities for those on holiday.
Tenerife has coastal areas around the island that all offer wind and sea conditions that are perfect for windsurfing and body boarding and change little from day to day. If the wind does change direction, then most surfers head for a different beach area in search of the perfect wave and wind conditions.

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