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Diving in the Canary Islands

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With crystal clear water that is warmed by the Atlantic Gulf Stream, the coastal waters of the Canary Islands are perfect for scuba diving to explore the dramatic underwater scenery and amazing sea life, which includes angel sharks, rays, moray eels, cuttlefish, octopus, barracuda, parrot fish and scorpion fish. Diving may also include exploring caves, tunnels and wrecks, but should only be undertaken with a local diving school or with an experienced, trained diver. All diving schools will display their qualifications and tell you about the best places for diving.
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If you have never dived before and are in good health, talk to scuba diving schools about lessons and confidence building. All the treasures of the sea are hidden to tourists who remain above water, but you will take home memories of amazing sites that may keep you ‘hooked’ on diving for mny years.
The waters of the Canary Islands are clear and warm and many diving sites draw enthusiasts from across Europe, and particularly from mainland Spain. If you take an underwater camera or a special waterproof casing for your camera, you will take photos that will be the envy of friends back home. Exploring shipwrecks, exotic fish and sea life and learning new skills of diving that will continue when you return home and improve each time you return to the Canary Islands. Divers always dive with a ‘buddy’ for safety reasons and help if needed, so exploring the Atlantic Ocean also needs a good knowledge about diving safety and precautions.
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