'Join us in Paradise!'

Unique Fuerteventura

The attractions for tourists lie mainly with wonderful sandy beaches and these have been the centre for visitors for many years. The tourist centre in the south is known as Jandía with white, sandy beaches and popular with German holidaymakers. The development of commercial centres provide shops, restaurants and bars and to the south is the town of Morro Jable, an old fishing port which has ferry links with Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

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Out and About

There are two main holiday centres on the island and the second centre that has been popular with British and Irish holidaymakers is Corralejo in the north. The town still retains the charm of its fishing harbour with beautiful views towards Lanzarote and the island of Isla de los Lobos. Although those who read Spanish will read the Island of Wolves, the name refers to sea wolves or monk seals that inhabited the island. Today Isla de los Lobos is a popular excursion by boat or for divers exploring the clear waters around its shores. The town offers a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants, or a good place to take a day trip to Lanzarote or even make a two-centre holiday on both islands. However, the main attraction of Correlejo are the massive sand dunes to the south, with white sand and crystal blue seawater.

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There is newer development for tourism at Caleta de Fustes along the east coast that offers, beaches, shops, bars and restaurants, as well as the island’s golf course. Many expats have bought second homes here and also in Corralejo and these are the places where British and Irish bars and restaurants may be found.
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The other main population centre is the capital, Puerto del Rosario that is located almost half way between the tourist centres of the north and south and near the airport. This is very much a traditional town where most of the islanders live, but tourists are attracted by the large, modern shopping centre near the port. This is also where ferries link to other islands.
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